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A common phrase to hear thrown around now is, “Google It!”. Google has become the number 1 source online for people to find answers to all their questions. You can go to Google and type a single word or an entire sentence and find what you are looking for. A The same search engine that can help you find answers to the most riveting questions can also help you find the local services you need. Everyday thousands of searches are made for local products or services. Everyone will have a fender bender at one point or another it’s really just a matter of when. Upon looking for an auto repair shop that would most suit your needs what is the first thing you would do? You guessed it, “Google It!”. The auto repair companies that are getting the most business in their areas are the ones that are listed in the top 7 companies in a Google Local Search. Getting that real estate online is one of the strongest and most effective ways to build your customer base.

auto repair marketingImagine this: A Los Angeles consumer goes to the internet to search for an auto repair shop. That consumer could type in ‘auto repair’ in Google, but the results are going to pull nationwide results for auto repair shops, auto repair companies, auto repair blogs, etc. This is of no use to the consumer…so, the consumer types in ‘auto body Los Angeles, ca’. Google then pulls up results for that specific area. You will notice a map with only 7 companies (sometimes less) listed next to it. These results show the name of the company, address and phone number. We live in a world where convenience is king. 75% of online searchers are using Google maps to find the company they will use.

With thousands of searches being made every month for auto repair, Google Maps is the place to be found. Your consumers are going online to find your services…but can they find YOU?

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