What Not to Get Long Hair Tangled With

Hollywood drives a lot of trends. With the success of Disney’s Tangled, does it make you wonder if super long hair is going to become super stylish? Anyone inspired to go for healthy, waist-length or longer hair should know a few things not to get tangled up in. For anyone marketing a hair salon, it would be a good idea to post these tips on their website with a reference to the movie.
First and foremost, don’t start out with damaged hair. If it’s already damaged, imagine how bad it’s going to look after a few years of growing out. It’ll only get worse. For healthy long hair, you’ve got to start with healthy short hair.
As much as possible, don’t use heated appliances on your hair. Even blow-drying is a no-no because of the damage it causes. And if you must roll your hair, for goodness sake, don’t use spiked plastic rollers. They’re the worst! Instead, use ceramic or flocked rollers.
Don’t perm your hair or use any type of harsh chemicals such as peroxide. If you must color-treat your hair, use non-peroxide color or 100% natural henna.
Avoid chlorine and salt water, which have harsh effects on hair. Blondes should especially beware of chlorine because of the green tinges it will give to their hair color. If you’re outside in the sun a lot, don’t’ forget to use UV protection for your growing locks.
Online marketing for hair salons is a great place to share these no-tangle tips.

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