Online Trends for Hair Salon Marketing

When looking for effective hair salon marketing strategies, think in terms of online trends. Recent trends cited on include pricing, visual searches, and technical SEO affected by the introduction of Google Instant.
Today’s consumers are looking first and foremost for coupons, discounts, and incentives. This is a trend that started about two years ago and has only gotten stronger. A website marketing a hair salon can take advantage of this trend, as long as the salon is willing and able to compete on price. What’s the best way for a local salon to stand out, price-wise? Use a punch card in which very sixth hair cut is free or 50% off? A salon could stand out from the rest of the competition with creative discount incentives on services and products.
Gearing up for visual and video searches is an excellent marketing strategy because statistics say that 65% of us are visual learners. (YouTube is the second largest search engine on the Internet.) Google’s Instant Preview makes it simple to check out a website from the search engine results page. For a hair salon, this is an opportunity to grab interest by showcasing the latest haircutting trends.
Google Instant pulls up search responses as criteria is being entered. In early analyses, this innovation didn’t seem to have a significant impact on ecommerce clients such as hair salons. The impact on SEO is that the first offerings brought up by instant results will tend to cause a deterioration of long-tail descriptions.

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