Hiroshi and his team will be holding a haircut work shop at Premiere Orlando show 2016


When Ombre first came out, many stylists couldn’t believe that it would soon become a big trend.
Fashion trends are unpredictable but always start somewhere… Maybe from you!!

Hiroshi Beverly Hills hair salon hair education team will be holding a
haircut work shop at Premiere Orlando show 2016.

We will present “Multidimensional Haircut” which combines
strong basic fundamental haircut skills, knowledge and creative visions together.
Creative art with structural process so you can share with others and
re-createable for the future trend.

With Hiroshi’s precise geometric haircut techniques from Vidal Sassoon and his innovative creative vision he will demonstrate how to create a style that will please all your clients.

During this class, we will teach to understand basic foundation of a haircut with head shape, bone structure and training your eye to create new styles that you can use at your chair from next day.

When you attend class, you will receive

  • Manequinn
  • Textbook
  • Haircut Video (you can choose USB flash drive or DVD)
  • Certificate 

Please secure your class ticket soon!! Chairs will fill very fast!!
$200 before June 3
$250 at the show
Purchase ticket from Premiere Orlando show website.


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