December 2015 ~ January 2016 Meeting

From Taka.

Hi Everyone. 
We had schedule for meeting 12/03(Thursday) but
Hiroshi is not feeling good and need to go Doctor’s check up.
Meeting is canceled but please read this note to make sure
your end and begeining of year schedule.
Please call salon to mark off the day you will not work!! 

December 26(Saturday) We will close but If you have client who wants to come in,
Please inform me. Make sure that you have a key to open the salon.
Of cause please make sure turn everything off, lock the doors.
*No receptionist, No assistant on that day.
January 2016 We will open from 5th(Tuesday). If you have client on 2nd(Sat), Please inform me.

From December every Thursdays and Saturdays,
Japanese Nail Artist AYA will start working as Gel Nail Artist.
She can do regular manicure and pedicure as well.
Please ask if your client interesting to receive her service.
I will make display of her nail art work so you can show to your client.
Gel nail last longer and can do a lot of different designs.


Thank you all for 2015 to work as Hiroshi team.
Let’s make 2016 as great year as well!!

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