Hiroshi Beverly Hills will appear in 2 Big Shows

Posted on 06. Jan, 2011 in Blog

Happy 2011 to all!!
We wish that everyone had a wonderful New Year,
and is ready to look forward to upcoming events we have!!

On January 29-31st Hiroshi Beverly Hills will be attending the ISSE Long Beach Hair Show!
We will be teaching innovative, creative ways to cut and style hair,
as well as hold a hands-on training course!

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We have put together informative and exciting education DVD for purchase.
Please purchase from Hiroshi Beverly Hills Online Store.

On June 3~4th Hiroshi will be out of the salon, and in Orlando, Florida!
While there, he will be teaching students the art and mastery of cutting and styling
at Premiere Orlando show which Largest Beauty show in US!!

Please make note, so that we can be sure to book your next appointments to your convenience!
Thank you!

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Happy Holidays from Hiroshi Beverly Hills

Posted on 09. Dec, 2010 in Blog

 BlogEveryone at Hiroshi Beverly Hills would like to send you
a wonderful season’s greeting.
Please watch the video icon smile Blog
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Thank you everyone and see you next year!!
For to make an appointment

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Hiroshi Beverly Hills provides the best hair color

Posted on 09. Nov, 2010 in Blog

June 15th, Hiroshi Beverly Hills stylist stayed late after work in order to expand
their knowledge and educate themselves on
our new discovered color line KIN
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Our stylists want to be able to provide our clients
with the shiniest, long lasting and healthiest hair color in order to
satisfy each and every one of you.
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We learned that KIN hair color system is the best possible way to achieve
the beautiful vibrant color
our clients request.
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We are very excited and happy to welcome KIN hair color to our family!!

For to make an appointment or Hair color Consultation
Please call 310-273-6715.

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Florida Hair Show was Successful

Posted on 09. Nov, 2010 in Blog

The Orlando hair show which took place on June 6th &7th
was a huge success for Hiroshi and the team!
Hiroshi held 2 of his most exciting
and informational classes over the course of the weekend
which left students excited to get back to their chairs!!!!
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We look forward to the next show
and cant wait to spread the wealth of knowledge to hairstylist worldwide….
See you next year!!!

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Strengthening & Protect your hair

Posted on 09. Nov, 2010 in Blog

Now Introducing from Hiroshi Beverly Hills a New Excellent product
ENFANTI is a Hydrating shampoo, conditioner and Treatment.
(Shampoo and Conditioner $15+Tax each. Treatment $24+Tax)
ENFANTI Hydrating Shampoo has

  • Sulfate free
  • Nano Color protection
  • No paraben or dea Alchohol

ENFANTI Conditioner & Treatment has

  • Intense Moisture(Conditioner), Intense Re-constructor(Treatment)
  • Nano Color protection
  • Natural Volume & Shine
  • All these products are affordable yet works great!!

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MIX MAXX is the amazing product!!
This small bag designed to mix with chemicals that stylist use on your hair to

  • Eliminate Chemical odors
  • Improves hair texture
  • Strengthens hair fibers
  • Prolongs hair life
  • Beautiful Color and Curl

Now no more fear from chemical damage!!
Hiroshi Beverly Hills use ENFANTI Shampoo & Conditioner for
every client. Please come & experience the fantastic products.

For to make an appointment or consultation,
Please call 310-273-6715

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Get Ready for Holidays. Great Gift shop at Hiroshi Beverly Hills

Posted on 09. Nov, 2010 in Blog

How quickly year goes by…
Halloween is right around the corner. Thanksgiving is next and Christmas and New Year at the end.
Every Year at this time, don’t you have a hard time choosing a gift for friends & co-workers?

Hair Products would be a great solution!! Everybody wants to get!! Nobody hates to get!!
Lock the Hair Color!! Color Extend Box Set $22+tax
(Shampoo+Conditioner+Treatment) You save about $10
Repair+Moisturize!! Real Control Box Set $22+tax
(Shampoo+Conditioner+Treatment) You save about $10
A lot of Moisture for thirsty dry Hair!! All soft box set $22+tax
(Shampoo+Conditioner+polish) You save about $10
Styling Box Set $22+tax
(Cream-Musses+Spray set) You save about $10

All Box set are limited numbers so hurry!!

Any questions or for make an appointment,

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Learning About Local Search

Posted on 14. Jun, 2010 in BlogOnline Marketing

A common phrase to hear thrown around now is, “Google It!”. Google has become the number 1 source online for people to find answers to all their questions. You can go to Google and type a single word or an entire sentence and find what you are looking for. A The same search engine that can help you find answers to the most riveting questions can also help you find the local services you need. Everyday thousands of searches are made for local products or services. (more…)

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